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          Cerego's personalized memory management platform lets you determine what you'll remember and for how long, empowering you to know what matters.张晓鹏的个人网站

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          Cerego takes everyone to subject mastery faster,

          Companies, colleges, and universities around the world have used Cerego to exceed their performance goals:

          Talen Energy
          US Army
          Arizona State University
          Cengage Learning
          Allergan Logo
          Rockwell Automation
          US Air Force

          Award-winning adaptive learning platform张晓鹏的个人网站

          AI Breakthrough Award 2020

          G2 High Performer

          G2 High Performer

          G2 - High Performer Spring 2021

          G2 High Performer Summer 2021

          Cerego Reviews on Capterra

          "Cerego might be the most innovative learning technology I have worked with in the last decade."张晓鹏的个人网站

          —Cristián Opazo, Ph.D., M.Sc.
          Director of Educational Technology, NYU College of Dentistry​


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          The world is focused on making machines smarter — at Cerego, we leverage artificial intelligence to make humans smarter张晓鹏的个人网站

          With Cerego, Bryan University has seen a 267% increase in time engaged in practice from students and a 50% reduction in lecture time.

          "Students are spending time in Cerego learning the lecture material and content, freeing up the faculty to spend time mentoring and coaching."

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          Smart Create张晓鹏的个人网站


          Cerego's patented Smart Create™ technology allows you to build entire courses in seconds. Just enter a search term, and we'll do the rest. 

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          Cerego's AI not only transcribes videos, but also leverages our Smart Create technology to highlight key concepts within the transcription and suggest quiz questions for Learning Sets.

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          Knowledge Bank for website张晓鹏的个人网站


          Unlike traditional exams, Cerego's Knowledge Bank™ provides insights into your learning in real time, offering unparalleled visibility into the current—and future—state of your knowledge.

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          From the Cerego blog: The Future of Learning张晓鹏的个人网站

          Adaptive learning and online training张晓鹏的个人网站

          What is Adaptive Learning and How Does it Make Online Training More Effective and Efficient?张晓鹏的个人网站

          Adaptive learning means delivering a learning experience that's optimized for the individual. And while it might seem obvious that tailoring the educational experience to meet your specific needs is a good idea, it has been difficult to apply in the context of online training. Until now.

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          Online learning software needs to change张晓鹏的个人网站

          The Way We Learn is Changing—Online Learning Software Should, Too张晓鹏的个人网站

          Technology is advancing at a rate never seen before, extending into virtually every industry. That means employees need to be more skilled, and to learn more quickly to keep up with the pace of automation. But while the technology around them is evolving rapidly, the training methods have remained the same.

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          Cerego's State of Learning Report张晓鹏的个人网站

          This Is How We Learn: Cerego's State of Learning Report张晓鹏的个人网站

          Every day thousands of learners use Cerego at school and at work to help them learn faster, and retain information longer. Today, our dataset includes over 1 billion interactions drawn from more than 1.5 million learners and is the largest dataset of its kind outside of academia.

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